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Blick über die rechte Schulter eines Studenten, der an einem Tisch sitzend ein Buch liest. Vor ihm ist wie durch ein Fenster der Saal einer Bibliothek zu erkennen.

Student training

"Progress lives from the exchange of knowledge"

According to this quote from Albert Einstein, we live the student education in our house.

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Overview of the training

Our department, which is unique in Europe, symbolizes the progress already in its name and therefore it is our ambition to teach modern dentistry to the students in numerous courses. Students pass through the following stations:

In the third year we teach the young colleagues both theoretically and practically:

  • X-ray
  • Diagnostics and therapy planning internship Internship
  • Lecture series (including cross-sectional area, trauma, digital dentistry, health care research)

Digital X-rays and other imaging techniques (digital volume tomography, near-infrared transillumination) will also meet interested students in our special X-ray departments.   

In the further course of your studies, our training will focus on finding a correct diagnosis and establishing a therapy plan. This is the reason why you can experience the collegial exchange between experienced practitioners and students during some treatments or consultations. However, we also take your privacy into account and can minimize these conversations if necessary.