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Dental emergency service

The team of the dental emergency service sees itself as the contact point for your concerns, which cannot wait until tomorrow. These include, above all, painful teeth, dental accidents or loss of fillings and crowns as well as broken dentures (on the weekend/public holidays after consultation).

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There for you in emergencies

In the dental clinic you can not only come to our outpatient service at any time from 8.30 in the morning. There is always someone available for you even after this ambulance service has ended.

We know what a nightly visit to the dentist entails and try to make your visit as pleasant as possible. We are happy to offer the follow-up treatments that are often necessary after the emergency therapy in our day services in the respective specialized departments of our dental clinic. The Charité Dental Clinic is your central contact for oral health!

Opening hours dental emergency service

From Monday till ThursdayFriday and the night before German public holidaysWeekends and German public holidays

from 8.00 pm

to 11.00 pm

from 8.00 pm

to 1.00 am

from 11.00 am

to 4.00 pm


from 7.00 pm

to 1.00 am

Phone: +49 30 450 662 613