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Publications and awards

On this page you will find selected publications and awards that have emerged from the Department of Oral Diagnostics, Digital Dentistry and Health Services Research.

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Exemplary prices from the last two years


  • Bester wissenschaftlicher Artikel "Oralprophylaxe und Kinderzahnheilkunde" 2020
    Elhennawy, K., Finke, C., Paris, S., Jost-Brinkmann, P.G., Schwendicke, F.
    "Schrittweise versus selektive Exkavation tiefer Milchmolarenkaries: 18-Monats-Ergebnisse einer randomisiert-kontrollierten Studie"
  • Journal of Endodontics Award 2020
    Ekert, T., Krois, J., Elhennawy, K., Golla, T., Schwendicke, F.,
    "Deep Learning for the Radiographic Detection of Apical Lesions"
  • IADR Centennial Emerging Leaders Award


  • QUEST Award des Berlin Institute of Health
    Krois, J., Graetz, C., Kocher, T., Holtfreter, B., Schwendicke, F.
    "Evaluating Modeling and Validation Strategies for Tooth Loss"
  • Charité Enterpreneur Summit Award Digital
    F. Schwendicke, J. Krois, A. Ali
    "Dental Automated detection of dental pathologies on radiographs"
  • Wrigley Prophylaxepreis (1. Platz)
    Elhennawy, K., Jost-Brinkmann, P.G., Paris, S., Schwendicke, F.
    "Selektive vs. schrittweise Exkavation in Milchmolaren: 18-Monatsergebnisse einer randomisierten Studie"