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Health services research

We, at the Department of Oral Diagnostics, Digital Health and Health Systems Research are very proud of being the first of our kind in Germany. Our goal is to change oral healthcare by deploying cutting edge research in our field to the most pressing questions. To this end, we take an active role in research with a problem solving and translational approach. We pride ourselves on being an international, young and multi-disciplinary team capable of merging medicine, economics, data science and engineering to generate research with real impact.

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Modern problems require modern solutions

Our current lines of work are focussed on Artificial Intelligence, hardware development for implantable devices and biosensor integration, economic modelling of healthcare strategies as well as telemedicine and alternative forms of service provision to high need populations. To achieve our goals, we actively cooperate with or are funded by different partners from the public and private sector such as the Berlin Institute of Health, the Deutsches Forschungsgemeinschaft, various Federal Ministries (BMBF, BMG), the Gemeinsamer Bundesausschuss, various foundations and various dental organizations. We are also partnering with the WHO/ITU, the Global Health Research Directory and  the World Health Summit.