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Data dentistry - Artificial intelligence in dentistry

The digital age, characterized by the everyday omnipresence of digital systems, is also changing dental practice.

This is accompanied by an inevitable accumulation of data, the fuel of digital transformation.

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Leading the way in research

One research focus of the Department of Oral Diagnostics, Digital Dentistry and Health Services Research at the Charité is to better understand dental data, analyze it and develop predictive models based on it - for the benefit of our patients and the dental health of all. We are advocates of a paradigm shift towards a new form of data-driven and evidence-based dentistry - data dentistry.

In the last decade in particular, applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in the medical field have manifested themselves in exciting and tangible results. Machine vision in particular is on the threshold of radically and irreversibly transforming medical image analysis. We are a world leader in research in the areas of artificial intelligence in dentistry and data-supported precision dentistry. Attached to our department is the Berlin Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Health Policy . Furthermore, we are a leading member of national and international committees such as the Working Group on AI in Dentistry and the ITU/WHO Focus Group AI4Health.

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